As the Sr. Conversion Educator at Leadpages™, Tim Paige spends his days helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers utilize the billions of data points from Leadpages™ so they can increase revenue, grow their lists, and further scale up their businesses. You’ve likely heard his voice as the host of Leadpages™ official podcast, ConversionCast, on stage at several live events, or as the host of one of over 500 Leadpages™ webinars in the past 24 months. He’s also a professional voice actor with clients such as the UFC, The CW, AT&T and more.

Tim and I discuss:

  • Lead conversions…good and bad stats
  • Effective Opt in strategies
  • Email list building
  • Creating Passive Income
  • …and comic book super powers

The Brainiac of Lead Generation | The Captain of Conversion| Powerful Passive Income…and Comic book-like superpower

by Tim Paige | Laptop Lifestyle Podcast

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